What is Muchan?

Dancing at MuchanMuchan is a conference for international Messianic young people. What we mean by Messianic is not whether or not someone is Jewish, but someone who identifies with the Jewish people and community, and/or who is involved in outreach and supports Israel.

It is geared for international young people ages 18-35, coming from all walks of Messianic life.


Muchan means READY in Hebrew and we are ready to move forward as the next generation of young people who are talented, passionate, multi-faceted instruments of Adonai. We are excited about our Messiah, excited about our Jewish identity and culture, excited to meet and make friends with other internationals with similar backgrounds and yet, because of our diversity in culture and language, hear their stories about faith in the Lord and Jewish heritage.  We are ready to see God’s kingdom grow and specifically, to include our not-yet-believing Jewish brothers and sisters. 

The first Muchan Conference was held in Berlin in 2009/10 with over 100 young people from nine countries. That was followed by a very successful Muchan in Paris in 2012/13 where over 150 young people from 16 countries gathered together to learn about living a daring faith. Our goal was to provide a way to gather Messianic young people from around the World to worship the Lord, celebrate our shared Messianic identity and to proclaim that we are READY for where and how God is moving. We worshipped in Hebrew, English, and Russian. We celebrated New Year’s Eve together. We left those cities ready to impact our world. Our movement of Messianic Judaism is dynamic and we can make space and geography small and meet as like-minded, Lord-loving, energetic young people who want to make history again!