FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

The Hotel is a four-star hotel, is the third largest hotel in Prague and located outside of the touristy area of Prague. It is still convenient to get to all the sites by metro. Breakfast (all-you-can-eat buffet featuring pastries, meats, cheeses, cereals, sweets, fruit, juices, and hot beverages) is included and we will be eating lunch and dinner buffet style most of our meals in a private room. There is a fitness center and a large pool free with our stay at the hotel. Anyone interested in a pool party?! There is also a 10-lane bowling alley for any competitive people who want to make a tournament. To rent a lane is about 300CZK.

You will be in a triple room unless you want to ‘upgrade’ and have a double room. This upgrade costs $50 and is available until we run out of double rooms. We will do our best to put you together with your roommate preferences. Please pack light, considering you are sharing a room with others. There are full bathrooms in each room, a safe, TV and wi-fi.

The conference room is large and will be set up to provide table discussions during and after our sessions. There is also plenty of room for Messianic dancing and schmooze time or a ……dance party!

Hotel Duo Click Here for directions

  • Participants will be welcomed to the conference (as well as access to your room) beginning on the afternoon of December 28, 2016.
  • The first evening session will being at 19:30 (7:30) on December 28, 2016.  Dinner on your own.
  • The conference will conclude after breakfast and a closing session on January 3, 2017. Lunch on your own.
  • The currency in Prague is the Czech koruna or Crown (CZK). The value fluctuates from day to day and current exchange rates can be found on the internet.  It is usually 1 US dollar for 25 Czech crowns (can buy you a metro ticket, a beer or a pretzel.) If you are going to use credit cards or bank cards while traveling, please call your bank and credit card companies to let them know where you will be using them overseas. Ask about foreign transaction fees too. This includes the countries in which you may have layovers.

There are ample ATMs to withdraw money whereas using a money exchange booth will often cause you to lose a lot in transaction fees. 

It is very important to withdraw some Czech money from an ATM at the airport before you start traveling to the hotel because you need some Czech cash for travel. At the very least, travel with some euros.

It is very hard to exchange your country’s money for Czech crowns in your home country.

  • Daily registration allows a participant to attend daily conference sessions and one or two meals but no accomodation. The daily registration fee will be determined soon.
  • Venue: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Please register through our Muchan website, not with the hotel.
  • The best time to purchase your flights varies depending on your home country. However, as a rule, the earlier you make your flight purchase, the better.
  • The international airport in Prague is called Václav Havel Airport Prague, formerly Prague Ruzyně International Airport. The airport code is PRG
  • All of your meals except 2 will be provided while in Prague. They will be “Kosher Style.” This means that there will be no pork or shellfish; however, food will not be Glatt Kosher. There will be a mix of meat and dairy in the buffet meals to choose from.
  • If you have any allergies or food preferences, please email registrar@muchanconference.com and we will do our best to accommodate your needs, but we also ask for flexibility where possible. At the hotel, beer, wine and soft drinks are available for individual purchase during meals. 
  • We also expect consumption of alcohol to be done responsibly as a good witness for Yeshua.

The Hotel

Hotel Duo:
Teplická 492, 190 00 Praha District 9 
Phone: 266 13 3030

Before leaving the airport, make sure you stop at an ATM and withdraw some Czech crowns (CZK).

Leaving the baggage claim at the airport, look for a tourist information kiosk where you can buy your ticket for the Airport Express bus (about 60 CZK) and get maps.  You can pay with credit card or Euro or, of course, Czech crown (CZK).  You might want to buy your ticket before getting on the bus as it will double in price from the driver.  This bus ride takes about 30 minutes and it gets quite crowded with people and luggage.  It is like a regular city bus where the majority of people have to stand.

The bus will stop at a couple train stops, but you want to get off at the major train station called Hlavni Nadrazi  - many people will get off here.  Here, you will transfer for the metro Red Line C towards Letnany.  Before boarding, you will need to buy a ticket for the metro for 24 CZK either from a machine (some take coins only and some take credit cards) or from a person.  Head downstairs via elevator and get on the metro towards Letnany.  Make sure you validate your ticket in the machines on the platform.  You will get off at Strizkov, 6 stops away

Hotel Duo is a 2-minute walk.  Once you get to street level via elevator, if your back is towards the station, walk right.  If you are looking at the station, walk left.   Once at the stop lights, a 30-second walk from the station, you will see Hotel Duo on the corner.

Welcome! You will see Muchan people in the lobby waiting to greet you!

In Summary – take the Airport Express Bus from the airport. Get off at Hlavni Nadrazi train station. Go downstairs to buy your metro ticket.  Head to the platform of Metro Red Line C towards Letnany. Get off 6 stops later at Strizkov. The hotel is on the corner.  

For more information about the Prague metro system click here.

Or you can get a taxi for 25-30 Euro.

Or if you know others arriving at the same time, you can share a prearranged taxi for 19 Euro total. You must have correct change (cannot pay via the website or with credit cards in the taxi). Up to 4 people, 19 Euros total.

Click here for more information about the shared taxi from the airport to the hotel for a flat rate of 19 euro.


  • A taxi from the hotel to the City Center costs about 20 Euro and would take 10-20 minutes. A taxi can be ordered from the reception desk at the hotel. A taxi to the hotel from the city center will need to have the price negotiated, but should cost the same.
  • If you want to take the metro, you must have 24 CZK in small coins for the machines.  You can also buy one-day, two-day or three-day unlimited passes.  Make sure you validate every new ticket before getting on the metro. Journey should take (door to door) 30-40 minutes.
  • From the hotel, get on the Metro Red Line C towards Haje and get off at Muzeum.  Transfer to the Green Line A towards Nemocnice Motel and get off 3 stops later at Staromestska.   Here you can find the Old Town Square, and St Charles Bridge is not far.  We will meet our tour guides near this metro stop for the Prague guided tour.  The Jewish quarter is less than a 5 minute walk from here.
  • If you get off at Malostranska, it is across the water and not far from the Prague Castle, St Nicholas Church and St Charles Bridge.  It’s an excellent place to stroll around for an afternoon.
  • If you get off at Mustek or Muzeum, you will find a pedestrian walking area with shops, restaurants, plazas, and fun places to visit.  To walk from Muzeum – Staromestska takes 10-15 minutes.
  • It might look like getting off at Florenc is a good place to get off and walk towards Staromestska, it’s not!


  • Voltage: 220-240 volts (U.S./Canada are 110-120 volts – do not plug in your North American appliance without first checking that it can work in Prague and that you have an adapter and/or power transformer. We will not be responsible for your fried cellphone or hair dryer! (See below for details)
  • Primary Socket Type: EuroplugSchuko
  • Multi-voltage appliances (laptops, etc.): Plug adapter
  • Click socket type links above to view adapter for that type
  • 110-120V electronics: Plug adapter + step-down transformer
  • Curling irons, etc.: Plug adapter + voltage converter
  • Your cell phone may work in Prague, but it is guaranteed to be very expensive. We suggest that if you need a cell phone, you rent one from an online travel cell phone company. Or if you have an unlocked GSM phone, simply purchase a pre-paid SIM card for your phone upon arrival in Prague. These SIM cards and sufficient minutes should cost between 20 and 30 euros. Otherwise, stay in touch via email and/or Skype.
  • You will need a valid passport to travel to the Czech Republic.

For US Residents:

For Citizens of the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia, and Israel,

  • There is no need to acquire a visa before the trip; it will be issued to you upon arrival in the Czech Republic.

Citizens of Russia and Ukraine

  • You must apply for a visa before your trip.

For other Countries

  • Please research your country's visa requirements for the Czech Republic.
  • Registration is open to participants ages 18-35. 
  • The conference fee is $250 US dollars and includes meals (except 2), lodging, specific group tours, and conference package in Prague. This price is only available until September 1 or until a certain number of people register.  After that, it goes up to $400. 
  • Travel to the conference is not included. 
  • A non-refundable conference deposit ($125 US) must be made to secure your spot. Space is limited.
  • The remainder of the conference fee is due by December 1, 2016 (but the earlier, the better) and can be paid in installments.

Prague is a safe city. However, it is always recommended that if you decide to separate from a group, please do so with someone else. It is a good idea for a group of two women to take a man along. This general principle goes for any big foreign city. Plus, it will be easier to find your way around with more minds thinking at once.

There is free time built into the schedule of the conference so that you can explore Prague for yourself. We encourage you to make plans with new friends and see some of the city that we cannot include in our group tours. When you arrive at the conference, we will give you a packet of information on interesting sites and maps and we will do our best to communicate these opportunities even before you arrive via Facebook and email.

There will also be a private guided tour of Prague’s famous sights and history scheduled for the conference on one day, and on another, there will be buses that take us to Terezin, an hour from the city. Terezin is a transit camp that most of the Czech Republic and Hungarian Jews passed through on their way to other camps.  It has a unique history and our guided tour will take time to explain this important place to remember.

There are many places to eat, explore and shop at reasonable prices in Prague. There are many unique tourist places to visit as well as fun plazas and scenic cobblestone streets to walk.  Asking around is the best way to find the great places to hang out. There is a large supermarket within five minutes from the conference center. Leaving a 5-10% tip in a restaurant is a good gesture and no tip is needed for a taxi unless they were exceptional and/or helped you with your luggage. 

If your travel arrangements necessitate that you come early or stay later than the dates of the conference, it is your responsibility to arrange and pay for your accommodations ahead of time.

Prague is centrally located in Europe and near to Austria, Hungary, Germany and Poland with trains leaving regularly.  For example, Prague to Budapest is 6.5 hours, Vienna 4.5 hours and Berlin 4 hours.  If you have the time and money, why not plan with friends to visit some nearby European cities?!



  • Prague will have temperatures in December ranging from 2C/36F to -2C/28F so get ready to bundle up.  We will be outside for walking tours, free time and New Year’s Eve, so bring warm clothes, shoes and jacket.  
  • Pack as light as you can; you are sharing a room with one or two other people. You will also have to carry your own bag on the Prague Metro from the airport, unless you take a taxi.

Also pack:

  • Toiletries (These things will also be readily available to buy near the conference center if you forget something.)
  • A Bible, pen and notebook (old-fashioned one or modern!)
  • Representation from your home culture: clothes, music, snacks, whatever you want to share!
  • Your passport and a photocopy of it
  • Printed itinerary of return flight
  • Phone numbers of Muchan staff in Prague (we will give this to you soon!)
  • Please travel with at least 30 euros in small change/bills, just in case. 
  • Electricity converters and adapters (These are for your cell phone, camera battery charger, laptop, hair dryer, etc.)

Hotel address:
Hotel Duo, Teplická 492, 190 00 Praha section 9 
Phone:266 13 3030

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