Worship with Randy Sigulim

Randy Sigulim was born in Tiberius, Israel.  His family were not believers when tragedy struck and his father passed away.  Through the help and support of a local congregation, his mother became a believer.   His faith was lukewarm during his teenage years, but it wasn’t until he was drafted into the Israeli Defense Forces that his faith matured and grew through his searching, yearning and convictions.  He left the IDF as an officer because he wanted to serve the Lord!

He served locally in his congregation and began working with youth. He became burdened to build up young people in their faith.   His message to them is that it’s ok to ask questions and talk about what they are going through, as he did, so that they can make wise decisions about faith and life.  His mission is discipleship and you can see the results in hundreds of young people throughout Israel through Netivah youth camps and conferences. His heart and gift for worship is evident and he simply wants to share his gift wherever and whenever he can with youth and young adults.

In June 2015, he married his sweetheart, Miri.  She comes from a believing family from the Ukraine.  She made Aliyah at age three and now works as a junior high school English teacher.